Here's our talented troupe of performers who've been selected to fill a niche in the commercial marketplace. Our new group, 'Brooklyn Brand Entertainment by Talent Express', features the talents of Frank Canepa, NY Joe Catalfumo, Freddie Ganno, Bobby Guarino, Jaclyn Mitgang, Jean Liuzzi and Marie DelPresto-Jerlat. We believe we've cast top notch talent to amp up the quality and overall look of each project.

Enjoy our new spec video called 'Dinner for the Boss'.We feel that BBE/TTE will be the next big thing. Can we create a memorable commercial for your company? They are for hire, either individually or as a group. Concept, copywriting, filming, editing to final commercial are part of what we do. BBE/TTE will take you/your company from the funny to the money and have people talking about your brand!

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