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How can I introduce myself?
The best way to do this is via our email address. If you do not receive an answer in three business days, you may follow-up with a phone call.

Do I get my pictures back?
Please do not mail pictures, DVDs or CDs to our office. Due to the large amount of mail we receive, we can neither assume responsibility for your items nor return them.

Is there a fee for being included in your files?
No, but we receive commission for every booking, whether direct or through an agent we have secured for you.

What types of talent do you represent?
Our company represents a wide variety of talent.

Do you also represent children or teenagers?
Yes, but there are strict laws governing this aspect of our work, which we fully comply with. We only represent children and teenagers if their parents have given their consent. And if the parents have, or will immediately, set up the proper legal framework which will allow them to work.

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Always responsive to the needs of our signed talent and clients. Interviews are by appointment only.

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