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The Talent Express has a long and successful history. Started by Lorna Rainey in 1991 as a talent agency, over the years it's morphed into a company with a focused approach to the select talent we represent. The transition began in November 2010 and culminated in management certification in January 2012 by NCOPM.


We represent talent in various stages of their careers...from fresh-faced newcomers to seasoned professionals. Talent who procure work in commercials, voice-overs, film, TV, live events and theatre are on our roster. But no matter who they are, the goal is the same, to guide and provide them with every possible opportunity to take their careers to the next level. This includes getting them situated with the right agent who is clearly most in sync with their goals.


Many talent say they feel as if they are alone in the process and afraid of making bad career decisions, of accepting the wrong assignment for the right reasons, that they don't know how to get on the path to success...that's what we're here for. Our expanded management team have a hands-on approach. Along with Lorna Rainey (owner/senior manager), Bobby Holder (associate manager/agency liaison), Anastasia Rene (associate manager/ new talent development) and Evelyn Weiss-Francisco (theatre and youth division) work to ensure that every resource at our disposal is levied for your success. We develop a career strategy...together. You're not alone. 'Teamwork makes the dream work'. As a signed client, you always have our ear and our attention. That's why we keep the roster small. We have a 'fast track' roster too which is for talent whom we feel have great potential.


The TTE team is here to assist you!

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